69/4 İsmet Gökçen ST Şirinyalı AVE Muratpaşa, ANTALYA, 07160, TURKEY

About Us

BozRec Arms has a leading position in the arms manufacturing industry as a modern reflection of a deep-rooted heritage. This heritage, whose origins date back to 1968, started in Uzumlu village of Beysehir district of Konya province. This heritage, which was only engaged in the production of shotguns at the time, has evolved over time with technological developments and changing market demands and has become an internationally recognized brand today.

Looking at the history of the company, it started out operating in an area of ​​100 m² under the name “BeyArms” with a monthly capacity of 1500 units.

However, after a successful growth process, it was moved to a new area of ​​1500 m² and the production capacity was increased to 10,000 units.

This deep-rooted heritage has undergone a modern transformation when four entrepreneurs came together and founded BozRec Arms in 2023. Equipped with an innovative vision, the company aims to move its headquarters to Antalya in order to compete internationally and reach a wider customer base. This decision is not just a geographical change, but also part of the strategy to gain a more effective position in the global market.

BozRec Arms no longer only manufactures shotguns, but is focused on a broader range in the firearms industry.

If funding is provided, the company aims to expand its product range to include the production of mobile firearms that can be integrated into all kinds of land and vehicles, such as pistols, submachine guns, infantry rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and the types of ammunition that all of these weapons can use. This diversity aims to provide more opportunities and solutions in both military and civilian markets.

Sustainability is a core part of BozRec Arms’ business culture. The company aims to use sustainable resources and minimize waste in its production processes. Environmentally friendly methods such as the use of renewable energy sources, waste management and recycling practices reflect the company’s efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

Social responsibility stands out as another fundamental element of BozRec Arms’ business approach. The company is sensitive to the needs of the society and contributes to various social projects and aid activities. It also strives to increase employee well-being and improve the workplace environment.

The future will become safer and more livable in a world shaped by BozRec Arms’ principles of sustainability and social contribution. The company is determined to move towards becoming a global player by combining a deep-rooted heritage with a modern vision.